ll flat boat, rippling in the wa
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12-06-2019, 08:17 AM

Tongue Winter in Nanjing is cold and beautiful. As long as the snow falls in winter, the pink wall of the town is in the snow, and it has the beauty of "white world, white snow, red plum". On a winter day in a certain year, I walked into the Confucian Temple with snow and ice, and the sound of snow clicking and clicking at my feet. I did not hold an umbrella, and Snowflake slipped quietly into the neck along the gap of the scarf, bringing a cold itch. Sit next to a shop and order a pot of tea. Looking at the white porcelain cup on the wooden table, listening to the faint sound of tea pouring, I can't help but sigh of white gas, warm my hands, but still have to sigh this sweet and pleasant enjoyment. The tea in the pot, the fragrance of green and blue. The tea leaves floated up and down, like a small flat boat, rippling in the water of Tuoxi. Outside the shop, snow drifted like snow, and pedestrians hurried under the overcast clouds. Take a sip of tea, bitter, astringent, but aftertaste, but full of a touch of sweet taste. Suddenly, I remembered the words "How much hard is the leaf from floating to sinking Newport Cigarettes Coupons, from rolling to comfortable?" From the picking of tea, to drying, to stir frying in the pot, and finally boiled into a pot of green tea Online Cigarettes, much like A picture of life. Outside the window came the classical music of Jiangnan Sizhu, graceful and brisk. The Qinhuai River flows without hesitation, flowing through hundreds of years of history and flowing through hundreds of years of ancient charm. I stretched myself, sitting on a wooden bench, living this beautiful girl with a scent of incense, she sat down, sitting in front of me, savoring in life, we are a roll of tea Tossing in the hot water Cheap Cigarettes, searching for the true meaning of life, searching for a green tea. In the lonely winter, listening to an old song, reading a "Dream of Red Mansions", tasting a pot of tea, living in the line between words, standing on the edge of the tea cup. I stood up, leaving a cup of passionate tea on the table, gently, joyfully, with a fragrance. A plum blossom outside the window, elegant and blooming, she added a touch of sweetness to the winter. A pot of tea in the window, softly, exuding warmth, she added a scent of fragrance to the winter and slowly grew up, slowly and sensible, and gradually understood the taste of the tea. A cup of tea is faint, and the dream of life is often long.
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But into the enemy's best attack area of hell, to avoid easy, exposed the place like a quick magnet, firmly attracted the enemy's attack point. Every split of a pair of leather brought a mad shower of arrows, and the whole position was thrown into confusion, and the layout of the attacking party was thrown into confusion.
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Commander, the enemy's iron thistle is very destructive to our skin, resulting in great loss of soldiers, some confusion ahead, we..." An adjutant, glancing at some of the silent
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